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Flexible Support Worker

People accessing our service have learning disabilities and neuro-diversity needs and North Star’s aim is to support individuals to be part of their local community on their own terms, and to develop essential life skills.

There is not a typical day for the flexible support worker (FSW). They are community based, working in the person’s home or family home, and spend considerable time outdoors and on activities.

The FSW usually works alone with individuals accessing our service and acts as a companion and a guide, teaching valuable life skills. They might be supporting the individual at work, with fitness and leisure activities, meeting up with friends or attending activity groups, improving health outcomes, or supporting at home.

It is FSW’s job to make people’s days fulfilling and make their dreams happen - whether that is going swimming, horse riding, going for a walk, collect bits for a collage, going to church, making jewellery at home, going on a date, or getting stuck in at the farm.

Typically the FSW works with one person at a time in sessions of 2 to 8 hours. Each FSW has only a few people that they support in total. In some instances, FSW’s double up to support individuals who need extra support in community settings.

What makes a good Flexible Support Worker?

  • Positive outlook and ‘can-do’ attitude and confident to work alone

  • Flexible timetable and approach

  • Non-judgmental and with the desire to understand the world from other people’s point of view and their abilities

  • Resourceful and tenacious - willing to try hard and be creative to include people with disabilities in ordinary community life and activities

  • Life skills and willingness to put their hands to different activities and jobs

  • Reflective about their work and always striving for improvement

  • Good communication skills and people skills; open minded and able to relate to people generally

If you would like to get involved with North Star Foundation and can imagine becoming a member of our team, please check our website regularly for vacancies or email to join our mailing list.