Flexible support

Flexible Support

We can provide flexible support around your needs and choices and on days and times to suit you.

We can support you in the family home, in the community, or anywhere else you need it. Such as at a gym class or a hospital appointment. 

Whatever is important to YOU is important to us too. We will always do our best to be flexible around your needs.

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Personal stories

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Personalised day service

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Your day service at North Star is provided on a one to one basis.  It is created around your interests and the things that you like doing.

We offer many activities including animal care, voluntary work, sensory activities, drama, leisure, sports, swimming, and other group activities.

We have access to various safe locations to make your day service as full and enjoyable as possible.

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Hobbies and interests

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It is important to make time for hobbies and interests. 

​Some of the hobbies we support people with include, football, basketball, card-making, gardening, music club, dog walking, creative writing, drama groups, book club, cooking, horse riding, forest skills, knitting, exercise classes, and jewellery making. 


​We can help you meet others who enjoy the same.

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Personal care, dignity, respect

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We can support you with all your personal care needs.

​We will involve you as much as possible in your care routines such as bathing, getting dressed, moving around safely, cooking, eating and drinking, looking after your appearance and your health.

You will always be treated with total respect and dignity. We will support you to make decisions about your own care and treatment. 

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Keep healthy and safe

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You may have to make choices about your health and keeping safe.

We will help you find the information you need to make the right decision.

Things we can help you with include:

- make healthy meals that you enjoy

- manage your own medication

- attend health appointments

- keep your home safe and secure

- talk through your worries

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