Supported Living is this..........

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Supported Living is having a home of your own which you have chosen.  You choose what you do in your home and how you live your life.

Supported Living is about being independent and learning skills to take care of yourself and your home. Skills such as cooking, laundry, cleaning, and budgeting.

Supported Living is about having flexible support from people who care about you and show you respect.

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A home of your own

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We will help you find a safe and decent home in the right location for you.

What is a safe and decent home?

- A home you have chosen yourself

- A tenancy agreement in your name

- In a safe neighbourhood

- Near friends and family

- Good transport links and local shops

- Where you can have visitors round

- Suitable for you personally and adapted for your needs

- Decorated and furnished to your liking

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Choose who you live with


It is your choice if you want to live on your own or with housemates. 

If you want to share, we will support 

you to find suitable housemates. 

Each choice has its advantages. We have lots of experience in this area and can help you make the right choice.

We can introduce you to people who are living independently. You can speak with them about which is best for you.

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Enjoying your new home


Your own home is somewhere you can relax and be yourself.


You can make lots of choices about your home, such as:

- choose furniture

- watch movies or play music

- make what food you like

- have a computer or game station

- go to bed when you like

- have friends and family round 


We will support you with making these choices and looking after your home. 

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Manage your own money


We will give you support with managing your money and budgeting.

Supported living usually means having extra benefits and income. This helps to pay for your housing costs such as rent, gas, electric, and food shopping.

We will help you budget for all your outgoings and claim for benefits. 


We work with other services which can help you look after your finances.

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Meeting your housing needs

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We will help you find suitable accommodation. Such as a ground floor flat or with a garden or allows pets or has parking for a mobility vehicle.

If your home needs adaptions we can arrange this. Such as security system or accessible shower or technology.

We will help you to maintain your home and look after your tenancy.  If your home needs repairs we will arrange for repairs team to visit.

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