Enjoy the Good Life

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Everyone can enjoy a Good Life.

We will do our best to make this happen and support you with these things:

- Be independent and learn new skills

- Make your own choices

- Keep in touch with friends and family

- Have a safe and decent home

- Manage your own money

- Be part of your local community

- Have a job. Do things that you enjoy

- Feel safe and secure

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We listen to you

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How you like to communicate is very important. We will support you to communicate in positive ways. 

We will give you information in a format which you like. We will make sure you are listened to and treated with respect.

What you think about our support is VERY important to us. If something 

needs to change we will do something about it.

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A safe and decent home

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We will help you to find a safe and decent home of your own. 

- In a safe neighbourhood

- Near friends and family

- With transport links and local shops

- Where you can have visitors round

- Suitable for you personally and adapted for your needs

- Decorated and furnished to your liking

- With flexible support from people who respect and care about you

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Meet others

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We will support you to keep in touch with the people who are important to you.

We can give you support to manage your social diary and activities and to meet up with friends and family.

We can help you with using technology and social media and stay safe online.

We will help you get to know your local area and your neighbours.

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Choose your support team

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You can help us to choose the right workers for your team. 

Things to think consider when choosing workers are:

- does the worker drive a car?

- is the worker local and can they get to you in bad weather?

- do they need special skills such as sign language or moving and handling

- what hobbies and interests do they have, such as swimming or cooking

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We will do our best for you

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North Star follows these standards:

- Everyone has the right to community life and be treated as an equal citizen

- Everyone has strengths and talents 

- Everyone can enjoy a good life and we do our best to make this happen

- Everyone is listened to and treated with dignity and respect

- We will be there for you when you need us

- If something isn't working we will try a different way

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